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  Ellistar ESPG-1 Baseband Pulse Generator

The ESPG-1 meets a fundamental requirement for research and design agencies of all scope and size. Many R&D Project leaders are faced with the need to buy an expensive Function Generator with capabilities far in excess of what is needed, along with the associated (and unwanted!) costs these capabilities entail. Why should they do this, when their needs can easily be met with a low cost, compact unit such as the ESPG-1? As case in point, Ellistar once requested a quote for a baseband pulse generator from our main supplier, and received a quote for an $80K Function Generator. Obviously, this quote did not result in a purchase. It did, however, result in the ESPG-1 concept being launched on that very same day!

The Ellistar team envisioned a compact device which could be plugged into development board systems through standard electrical interfaces and left indefinitely. Researchers need never worry about their favorite signal generator being reset, reconfigured, damaged, or commandeered outright by higher priority projects.

In summary, the ESPG-1 features capabilities that belie its small size and cost. Researchers, designers and engineers are invited to make use of the first "connect and forget" baseband signal generator/digital processor available for commercial sale.


  • Compact, measures 2.5” by 5”
  • 3 SMA baseband I/O connectors
  • 20 additional header pin outputs
  • Clock Speeds up to 200 MHz
  • 4 clock sources – 2 on board (100 and 143 MHz), 1 SMA input, and 1 drop-in (SOIC)
  • JTAG programming interface
  • RS 232 Control Interface, DB-9 connector
  • Manual Pulse Width control
  • Manual Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) control
Ellistar ESPG-1 Generator (PDF - 148 Kb)


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