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  Ellistar MK I Wideband Pulse Radar (US Patent 6,861,972)

The Ellistar Mark I Wideband, Low-Power short to medium range radar system has been designed to enact short-range, narrow pulse detection and target classification sensing algorithms.

It is ideally suited for advanced development work in traffic management, collision avoidance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle guidance, and all short-range detection, tracking and target classification systems.


  • Two Channel (in-Phase and Quadrature)
  • 500 MHz Bandwidth
  • Centre Freq. 5.8 GHz
  • Pulses down to 2nS
  • Self test capability
  • 18 dBm Output Power
  • 104dB Dynamic Range
  • SMA connector for easy antenna hookup
  • Adjustable Gain
  • Tunable Centre Frequency
  • Compact, 8.5" X 5" X 1"
  • RS 232 Radar to PC Interface
Ellistar MK-1 Radar (PDF - 135 Kb)
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